Accelerate your processes with mobile forms

Collect information on your mobile and save between 10 and 15 hours per week!

Design your forms

Do yourself, without having to call an informatic.

  • Free text
  • Option buttons
  • Photos, videos and audio
  • Current address (usign the phone’s gps)
  • Electronic signature
  • Barcode and QR scanning
  • And much more!

Information instantly synced

Data collected is available at the moment.

In case of poor coverage, it works in “offline mode” until it gets connectivity again


Optimize your business

- Don't wait, until the end of the day to work with the collected data.
- ¡Forget the paper! Also half-filled sheets, which are not read well, which have been lost, ....
- Integrate the data in your ERP, Excel files or google drive.

Download the app and start collecting data with your mobile phone